The Divine Flow Is God’s Plan For “Creating”

When you think of the Will of God, do you imagine a twisting labyrinth of random events taking place in your life, as confusing to you as it is to Him, and then “poof” it all of a sudden

makes sense to you and a confused Deity?  Or do you sense that the sustainer of the Universe is a little more precise with the timing and events of your life?

God is efficient, wasting nothing.  He is sovereign not random. Everything He does has a pattern or sequence to it. Only those who seek will “find” delving beneath the surface to unearth the truths of God.

The Divine Flow is no different.  We have been given a systematic plan for creating exploits, among other things.  This is how it goes:
1. Through Revelation, our Imagination conceives and Idea
2. Through Inspiration, our Creativity is fired up to create something new
3. Once the idea or concept is created, it is time to Explain it with your gifts of Articulation. This is where you enlist your army of supporters, turning your idea into a Movement.

This is the Divine Flow in action. There is a process to creating and a plan for manifesting exploits.  If you know you’re destined to create something big, I mean really BIG, I strongly urge you to search through the pages of UNLEASHED: Tapping Into The Divine Flow, to find the key and strategies to make your, “New Thing” an instant success!


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Michael Deer is the author of, UNLEASHED: Tapping Into The Divine Flow.

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