5 Secrets To Being More Creative

To be very clear, Creativity is a critical trait in any visionary.  If they are to see any of their wildest dreams come to life, they will need the skills to transfer their thoughts into physical objects, ideas or elements.  Life’s routines try to place limits on our creative power as if creating, in itself, wasn’t difficult enough.  So, how do you stay refreshed and excited?  Here are 5 tips to help you stay in a creative space:

1. Take in Everything – Don’t dismiss anything as mundane or insignificant.  They all have a place and a part to play and if you look hard enough, something to be admired.

2. Turn Off the Radio when you drive –  Sometimes it is good to listen to your own thoughts and hear God speaking in His still small voice.

3. Carry a note pad with you at all times – Whether you have an app on your smartphone or you keep an old-school flip pa around, you never know when a “eureka thought” will come.  They are like babies. You might not have planned for them but if you prepare for them, they can bring years of joy later.

4. Focus on problems –  Necessity is the Mother of Invention.  Creativity is about solutions. Solutions are the answers to problems.  Think about annoying problems you would like to solve and trust me, the thoughts will begin to flow and lead you to your creative edge.

5. Don’t wake up too fast – Sometimes my best ideas come in my lucid state.  That is being awake but not fully awake.  Our minds have recently landed back on Earth after our dreams before the monotony of the day steals away the imaginative juices.

These and other tips can be found in my book, UNLEASHED: Tapping Into The Divine Flow

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Michael Deer is the author of, UNLEASHED: Tapping Into The Divine Flow.

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