8 Powers God Gives Us For Mighty Works

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I am convinced that God wants nothing more than for you to do great things with this gift of life He has given you.  Not only does He tell you that it is possible to do great things (Phil. 4:13), He’s expecting it (St. Jn. 14:12).  The great news is that God NEVER expects anything of us without giving us the ability to accomplish it.   So, here are 8 Powers God gives us to create great works:


1. The Power to know
With the power of revelation in your life, you will be in a place of consistent enlightenment. Thoughts will be unveiled and ideas will be uncovered. This is a gift to be treasured because the truths revealed already exist all around us. They become relevant to us only when the light has been turned on. Have gratitude for the switch.

2. The Power to do
Knowing is half the battle. We all know many of the things that we should be doing. The great divider between the should-have’s and the just-did’s is the power to take action. Immediate action can mean the difference between your dreams becoming a reality or being one more good intention which lines the pathway to hell, as they say. The open door of inspiration that compels us to action makes our lives dynamic and progressive. Whatsoever thy hand findeth to do, do it!

3. The Power of vivid thinking
Having clear thought means having clearer visions. When you open the valve of imagination to God’s supply of revelation, you will see precise thoughts perceived as clear as day. Think of how innovative you will be when your ideas come off the assembly line as refined as possible. You will also be ahead of other thinkers who have abstract thoughts that are unclear and generalized. You will possess the power to be ahead of the pack.

4. The Power of possibilities
The person who thinks he can and the one who thinks he can’t are both right. As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he. What you believe is possible determines your ceiling. Have you ever heard the statement, “the sky is the limit?” Having the inspiration to propel our imagination beyond our own self imposed limitation, does more than give us the power to envision more intently. It expands the very territory our lives are able to cover. When you have the power of possibilities, even the impervious mountains melt like wax before you.

5. The Power of creative intuition
One of the most sought after skills in every industry and walk of life, is the ability of knowing how to turn ideas into reality. The power of creative intuition helps you to plan and develop the systems and processes needed to create something. You will see all the gears moving as you simulate the process, potential roadblocks, and solutions to the roadblocks. You will accurately project how the created thing will function in the environment it was designed for. All before you take the first step towards creative action.

6. The Power of creative action
After you have engineered the systems and processes necessary to create, you need the power of creative action to plow through the difficulties that will arise. Being creative is also about developing a solution-oriented attitude. A creative person does not say “I can’t do this.” They ask themselves, “How can I do this. You need the confidence to deal with spectators, resistors, and haters. You have to have the boldness to defend your creation.

7. The Power to explain
You have a choice. Your idea or creation can, both live and die with you, or you can use the power to explain to spread it to as many people, and to as far as you possibly can. You devise ways to decipher the cryptic into an easy-to-understand lesson for a universal audience. You will receive keen insight into their needs. You will get the plans for constructing your concepts into simple thoughts for the masses. People will understand what you have to say and you will extend your impact even further.

8. The Power to connect
This is where influence is born. The power to connect will give you the ability to put your own agenda on hold, inquire about the recipient’s perspective and setting, and seek to genuinely align yourself and your information with their values. Not only will your message hit home, you will also gain the affinity of more and more people, eager to support your cause and endorse your ideas.

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