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Humility – UNLEASHED: 12 Week Call -Chapter 11

Chapter 11

Timing & Activation – UNLEASHED: 12 Week Call -Chapter 10

Chapter 10

8 Powers God Gives Us For Mighty Works

UNLEASHED Tapping Into The Power

I am convinced that God wants nothing more than for you to Read More

5 Secrets To Being More Creative

To be very clear, Creativity is a critical trait in any visionary.  If they are to see any of their wildest dreams come to life, they will need the Read More

Creativity – UNLEASHED: 12 Week Call -Chapter 9

Chapter 9

The Future Is NOW!

Book Reference -[Page 32:1]

Google has developed a visual computer that goes over your eye and pulls up information on a HUD (heads up display).  Cell companies are making the shift from Read More

Articulation – UNLEASHED: 12 Week Call -Chapter 8

Chapter 8

Imagination – UNLEASHED: 12 Week Call -Chapter 7

Chapter 7