Write The Future By Making History

History_in_the_Making_1“Tick,” One moment has passed (Tock)…and another.  What just happened?  What is happening now?  What was the high point of your day?  Did you do or seen something significant?  How will that story be told tomorrow?  We have been given a true gift in the form of our un-formed future.  It hasn’t materialized yet.  It is still in the womb. It’s still in our mind.  We’ve only lived in this limitless domain through our heart’s yearnings, yet no one can nail down your future nor their own.  Some people lose sleep over this and stress themselves out worrying about their tomorrow.

View your future as a gift; A blank canvas; A clean slate.  You have the brush in your hand right now and you could make it whatever you want it to be.

“Well, today doesn’t look that good.  My future doesn’t look that good either.  What should I do?”

If your life isn’t terrific right now, you still might be in an even better position than a person who has a pretty comfortable life right now.  You have the brush in your hand.  You are obligated to do everything you can to win because the very challenges that are holding you back right now, were really destined to propel you higher and define you as Victor and Champion.  The final decision is yours.  Will you chose to allow your challenges to defeat or define you?

By facing your challenge today, you are writing the story that others will read in the future.  Remember, “History is written by he winners.”  You can’t ever hope to write the future but by attempting most audacious things like trying to pilot the first powered airplane, climb Mount Everest, run the four minute mile or something a little more practical, maybe, like graduating or being promoted against insurmountable odds.

You have a chance to write the future by creating the amazing story that others will refer to and share with their children’s children, saying, “Once upon a time, there was a person who didn’t give up!”

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