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8 Powers God Gives Us For Mighty Works

UNLEASHED Tapping Into The Power

I am convinced that God wants nothing more than for you to Read More


Write The Future By Making History

History_in_the_Making_1“Tick,” One moment has passed (Tock)…and another.  What just happened?  What is happening now?  What was the high Read More


UNLEASHED! The Book Signing Is Coming!

Wow! There is no way to thank each and everyone of you for how much support you have shown to the UNLEASHED Brand and myself.

Closing over 40+ book sales as far away as
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Ok…What Does Snow Crab Legs Have To Do With The Divine Flow?


…Absolutely nothing!  I just wanted to share my celebration meal with you.  A lb. of legs from my favorite place in Columbia, SC, Nick’s Seafood on Two Notch Road.  The youth at South Carolina State University Baptist Collegiate Ministry were a great group of leaders and it turned out to be a great night.


Excerpt From The Book: Let It Flow, From UNLEASHED By Michael Deer

Let it flow!

From the awe inspiring creation narrative in Genesis to the breath taking culmination of all things in Revelations water flows between the pages of scripture.  It courses through the Word of God leaving for us Read More