The Future Is NOW!

Book Reference -[Page 32:1]

Google has developed a visual computer that goes over your eye and pulls up information on a HUD (heads up display).  Cell companies are making the shift from smart phone to smart–watch.  Soon you will be able to make calls and surf the internet from your wrist.  Not to mention the neat biometric stuff that is sure to come along with a wrist-worn device.  When you look around at these and other nifty, cutting-edge ideas that carry with them a scent of the future, you can’t help but wonder, “How in the World did they think of this?” They were things we have all seen in the movies but no one ever thought we’d see them in our generation.

How did they bring the future back to us?  Imagination.  It is the ability to see things that aren’t real of visible with our physical eyes.  It’s the power to see things that are not seen.  How powerful of a gift.  Though many adults have written off imagination as a childhood obsession, Imagination allows the individual to be “early” or on the “cutting edge.”

I learned that there are three types of people in this world:  People who make things happen, people who watch things happen and people who wake up and ask, “What just happened?”

Which one are you?  People who wonder what happened have been locked out of decisions and kept away from the table where the decisions are being made.  Because they don’t use their imagination they can’t hang out where “visionaries” do.  People who watch things happen, know what’s going on but are too afraid to get their feet wet.  Afraid to take a chance.  Afraid to close their eyes to the logic and structure around them to fly to a realm of “possibilities.”
People who make things happen don’t wait for permission.  They create.  They start by taking a thought which they’ve crafted in a cast of their imagination and presented something completely new to the World.  This is where God wants His people to be and live.  He wants you to create and not to follow.  He wants you to be on the cutting edge and not behind or beneath.

Use your imagination to sharpen the cutting edge in your life to its former glory.


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Michael Deer is the author of, UNLEASHED: Tapping Into The Divine Flow.

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