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Humility – UNLEASHED: 12 Week Call -Chapter 11

Chapter 11

8 Powers God Gives Us For Mighty Works

UNLEASHED Tapping Into The Power

I am convinced that God wants nothing more than for you to Read More

5 Secrets To Being More Creative

To be very clear, Creativity is a critical trait in any visionary.  If they are to see any of their wildest dreams come to life, they will need the Read More

Creativity – UNLEASHED: 12 Week Call -Chapter 9

Chapter 9

The Future Is NOW!

Book Reference -[Page 32:1]

Google has developed a visual computer that goes over your eye and pulls up information on a HUD (heads up display).  Cell companies are making the shift from Read More

The Remedy for Stuck-edness – UNLEASHED: 12 Week Call -Chapter 2

Download >> Chapter 2

Don’t Just Sit There, Do Something

Have you ever felt like you were stuck?  Have you ever tried to believe, yet it seemed your faith crashed into the glass ceiling of worry & doubt?  Do you want to do something great?  Well, what’s stopping you?  One thing’s for sure, It’s not God.  In fact, He has Read More

Video: What Is The Divine Flow?

This was recorded, February,24th, at Alive Ministry, in Far Rockaway, N.Y. 11691.

Excerpt From The Book: Let It Flow, From UNLEASHED By Michael Deer

Let it flow!

From the awe inspiring creation narrative in Genesis to the breath taking culmination of all things in Revelations water flows between the pages of scripture.  It courses through the Word of God leaving for us Read More

The Official Divine Flow Focus Group

Unleashed divine flow focus group01unleashed divine flow focus group02

Now that I have a finished product, it’s time to test the information and concepts put forth in the book–on real humans.  Up until this point, I had been working on the ideas using a combination of research, a little soul search, and a divine connection to the creator of the Read More