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8 Powers God Gives Us For Mighty Works

UNLEASHED Tapping Into The Power

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5 Secrets To Being More Creative

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The Remedy for Stuck-edness – UNLEASHED: 12 Week Call -Chapter 2

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Take Back Your Birthright – UNLEASHED: 12 Week Call -Chapter 1

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UPDATE: UNLEASHED In Its First Bookstore

UNLEASHED by Michael Deer In Stores

What an amazing day it was.  Our efforts have paid off with the official consignment deal with one of New York’s premiere Christian Bookstores, New Life christian Bookstores, located at 139-11 Queens Blvd, Jamaica, NY 11435

Phone:(718) 739-0707.  This nice guy, Jim, was a pleasant representative for the quality and integrity New Life is known for.
Unfortunately, Jim wasn’t there when I came to drop the copies off.  Cyril was.  He helped me register the books.  Have you ever heard the saying, “Real life is often stranger than fiction?”  Well, what happened next was pretty strange–in a good way!
As I was being helped, a line was forming behind me.  Being the type of person that I am, I couldn’t relax knowing that I was holding up their progress.  I was that guy that everyone dreads at the checkout line.  So, in an effort to break the ice, I shared some information about the book and before I could finish my extemporaneous presentation, a woman named Carolyn, from C.C.C., stopped me in my tracks,”–I will buy that copy if you autograph it!”
At first, I thought, “Of course I will sign it!” interrupting that celebration was the concern of, “How is this going to work?” They didn’t even assign a shelf space to it yet.  The book hadn’t even finished its orientation or new member’s certification and here was a ready customer.
As I turned my eyes to Cyril, the knowledgeable New Life staff member, he stretched his hand out to me while his head was buried in the task of making a receipt.  He was handing me his marker to autograph her book.  I opened the book and wrote:
To: Carolyn
“You really know how to seize the opportunity!”
UNLEASHED Receipt New Life Christian Bookstores
She smiled.  And that is the story of how UNLEASHED: Tapping Into The Divine Flow made its debut at one of the flagship christian Bookstores in New York.
Why don’t you take a visit there and pick up my new book UNLEASHED: Tapping Into The Divine Flow, along with your other favorite Christian Products?  You will truly be blessed.

UNLEASHED! The Book Signing Is Coming!

Wow! There is no way to thank each and everyone of you for how much support you have shown to the UNLEASHED Brand and myself.

Closing over 40+ book sales as far away as
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Ok…What Does Snow Crab Legs Have To Do With The Divine Flow?


…Absolutely nothing!  I just wanted to share my celebration meal with you.  A lb. of legs from my favorite place in Columbia, SC, Nick’s Seafood on Two Notch Road.  The youth at South Carolina State University Baptist Collegiate Ministry were a great group of leaders and it turned out to be a great night.


South Carolina…here I come!



On my way to Columbia, South Carolina. Tomorrow, I will be speaking with to the exciting crowd at South Carolina State University. I am at the JetBlue Terminal at JFK International Airport in New York. Stay tuned and check the calendar for more upcoming events.


The Manuscript Is Complete

Unleashed manuscript

Wow! It is finally done.  The thoughts and ideas behind the Divine Flow finally compiled into a finished product.  Even though I am excited, I am also worried.  Why so?  Read More