Don’t Just Sit There, Do Something

Have you ever felt like you were stuck?  Have you ever tried to believe, yet it seemed your faith crashed into the glass ceiling of worry & doubt?  Do you want to do something great?  Well, what’s stopping you?  One thing’s for sure, It’s not God.  In fact, He has paved a track for you to run on (Heb. 13:1-2).  He has, “set a race before us.”  God has set up a course for us to finish.  He wants you to win so much that He also summoned ministering angels to guard, protect and watch over you.  He has given you His precious Holy Spirit the parakletos or one called alongside to help and guide us into all truth.

In spite of all these magical gifts Jehovah has “Jireh-ed” for us, the most assuring to me is the steady, unlimited, unhindered flow of Revelation & Inspiration which comes from Heaven.

Revelation is the POWER TO KNOW – God gives us the gift of awareness through revelation.  Truth (which are truths whether you know about them or not) are unveiled before you.

Inspiration is the POWER TO DO – God grants us this dynamic blessing to human nature as a response to revelation.

I have yet to find any application where God reveals something to an individual without expecting an action in response.  It is a promise of sorts that He would NEVER enlighten you to an issue which He cannot empower you to respond to.


C’mon! It is the closest thing to cheating, without the guilt.  We cannot lose with all the tools and divine resources we have at our disposal.  It’s called favor & provision, and it isn’t fair.  Just be glad you are on the right side of the equation.


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Michael Deer is the author of, UNLEASHED: Tapping Into The Divine Flow.

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